On Photography

My favorite quotes from Susan Sontag's On Photography...
That most logical of nineteenth-century aesthetes, Mallarme, said that everything in the world exists in order to end in a book. Today everything exists to end in a photograph.
Reality has always been interpreted through the reports given by images... But when, in the mid-nineteenth century, the standard finally seemed attainable, the retreat of old religious and political illusions before the advance of humanistic and scientific thinking did not - as anticipated - create mass defections to the real. On the contrary, the new age of unbelief strengthened the allegiance to images.
Photography is acquisition...

Elizabeth Mueller Photography

Thank you for joining me as I explore photography, focusing on detailed textures that, when viewed on a large scale, can be striking design pieces. Over the last two years, I have had the privilege of decorating many homes with my texture studies and hope to continue selling pieces, improving my craft, and exhibiting images.