Changing Seasons

New York was slammed today with a very unusual (for October) heavy snowfall. I had to try to dash out and get a few pictures, but the wet snow was coming down hard (and then branches started to fall!). I got a few images of this rapidly changing season...

Greeting Card Sets Ready for the Holidays!

Last night I put together several sets of notecards for art fairs in the coming months. All of my cards are hand-initialed on the back and are available individually as well.

The following sets -- unique and handmade -- are perfect for hostess or teacher gifts this season!

Please see Texture Study page for image examples.

The "Middle East" series of six (three each of the Turkish Carpet Detail and Pomegranate Seed Detail) are wrapped in a clear bag with a red satin bow and available for $9 each.

The "Garden" series of four (one each of Bamboo, Garden Mat Detail, Cactus Detail, and Swirly Leaf Detail) are wrapped in green paper with ivory satin ribbon and are available for $7.50 each.

Please contact me at elizabethmuellerphotos - at - gmail - dot - com for sales.


Thanks, Dr. Paul Levinson, for your kind tweet:
"Elizabeth Mueller Photography stunning new naturalistic photo blog by one of my best MA students"


I'm thrilled to have just printed blank greeting cards, soon on sale individually and in sets. These turned out fantastically, and I'm grateful that they have been requested for art and holiday fairs around the US in the coming months. The 4x6 cards are on 16pt stock with a satin finish outside and uncoated inside. I will post more information soon!

I have also updated my Commissions & Sales page with more information on my commercial work.

On Photography

My favorite quotes from Susan Sontag's On Photography...
That most logical of nineteenth-century aesthetes, Mallarme, said that everything in the world exists in order to end in a book. Today everything exists to end in a photograph.
Reality has always been interpreted through the reports given by images... But when, in the mid-nineteenth century, the standard finally seemed attainable, the retreat of old religious and political illusions before the advance of humanistic and scientific thinking did not - as anticipated - create mass defections to the real. On the contrary, the new age of unbelief strengthened the allegiance to images.
Photography is acquisition...

Elizabeth Mueller Photography

Thank you for joining me as I explore photography, focusing on detailed textures that, when viewed on a large scale, can be striking design pieces. Over the last two years, I have had the privilege of decorating many homes with my texture studies and hope to continue selling pieces, improving my craft, and exhibiting images.