Greeting Card Sets Ready for the Holidays!

Last night I put together several sets of notecards for art fairs in the coming months. All of my cards are hand-initialed on the back and are available individually as well.

The following sets -- unique and handmade -- are perfect for hostess or teacher gifts this season!

Please see Texture Study page for image examples.

The "Middle East" series of six (three each of the Turkish Carpet Detail and Pomegranate Seed Detail) are wrapped in a clear bag with a red satin bow and available for $9 each.

The "Garden" series of four (one each of Bamboo, Garden Mat Detail, Cactus Detail, and Swirly Leaf Detail) are wrapped in green paper with ivory satin ribbon and are available for $7.50 each.

Please contact me at elizabethmuellerphotos - at - gmail - dot - com for sales.

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